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Default Re: How many more movies would you like with >Original Cast<?

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
I think thats part of the issue though.Since they aren't rebooting they have had more then enough time to do that, and this film does seem to be the apex for the franchise. The first thing to prove is that they can make a good X-men movie, but after that it's very important they bring on a bigger Universe. The franchise can't stay like it was, even with the same cast. Comic films have evolved and this frnachise needs to feel new not old.

Seems X-Men fans are always wanting more characters and development regardless of how many characters are already in a film. X2 included. I think that says alot. Very few have got the attention they deserve, and they have had the time. It's always "I want Jean, Nightcrawler and Cyclops back", "can Gambit be in this?", "I can't believe they don't have Psylocke", "Wtf so no Banshee?", "I want to see Polaris, Cable, Sunfire etc". Theres a strong unmet demand to see all these characters. Unfortunately the route they have gone with one main film hasn't really left anything open for the supporting roles like NIghtcrawler, Emma Frost, Havok, or Gambit even when they are introduced. They kind of just bring them in to drop em out when fans want alot more. Cause of all that, and just the huge size of the X-Men universe it's pretty much fact Fox's previous way of handling X-Men is not gonna reach it's potential with just one film every 3 years. Even aside from teams like X-Force and X-Factor there are just too may characters to just shove in one film and risk losing by the next if they continue like this.

They have a ton of different options without us really knowing much. So regardless of how they handle it, Fox's situation to me is the most interesting of all the Marvel studios.
I get your point, but I kind of see this as a new beginning for the franchise (along with The Wolverine). It's an apex no doubt, but they will definitely try to build to a bigger one from this point. If Fox didn't screw the pooch with X3 and Origins, I think we would have gotten what you are asking to some extent. More characters, solo films, X-Men films with different rosters etc. I think Fox obviously wants to go the MS route with these characters, but I think a couple, or even one more epic film (after DoFP) under the X-Men moniker is the way to do it. As good as FC was as a film, it didnt make its mark as a pop culture event. If Wolverine and DoFP strike gold beyond everyone's expectations, then it may change things. They have to recapture the GA's imagination to the point where they can't stop thinking about the next X-Men film. That's the way it is now with the Avengers. It's why we're getting a GoTG film.....We are far from that point in the X-verse imho. And MS had the advantage of these characters (minus Hulk) not being seen before (and not being screwed up either).

Ultimately we're in agreement on what this universe should and could be, we just see a different timetable.

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