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Originally Posted by Kevin Smith View Post
PG-13 rating wasn't even around in 1978, didn't come out until 1984. Most the movies and CBMs that were released back then, from Star Wars to Indiana Jones, ESPECIALLY Indiana Jones, would have been rated PG-13. The first Donner movie was adult for it's time and the first Act is very serious and still holds up pretty well but there's definitely some hokeyness to it. The fact that they say Sugar Honey Ice Tea in it would have definitely upped the rating to PG-13 back then due to language, in the first film I mean.

I see nothing wrong with PG-13. Superman is just as "PG-13" as Batman....or should be at least.

Originally Posted by Mysteryman View Post
A higher level of violence because of a PG13 rating isnt going to sell MOS, the story and characters will .
Not saying that at all. At least I hope that's not what you thought I was saying. To me, action and violence can be worlds apart.
Definitely agree on the story and characters. For the most part. We all know big action (even if done mostly terribly *Transformers*) sells to the GA.

Originally Posted by Andreth View Post
Why is Lindelof getting so much hate, I remember his interviews when LOST was on, he's was a funny and charming guy, I really liked lost and Prometheus. The lost fandom used to adore him, now I come back and everybody thinks he's the devil.

I could've LOVED Prometheus... If the magical "can do anything according to how we want the plot to progress black goo" made any sense.
It was so good looking.

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