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Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
I do 90% of the time. Yes I do in fact hold back sometimes.

I'm sick of the whining about this movie being "too dark" from rose colored glasses Donner fans. They call it dark and too violent and haven't even seen the damn thing!

News flash this isn't the goddamn 70's, this movie was never going to have some sterotypical black dude yelling about how awesome Superman's suit is or the myriad of ridiculous things in Superman: The Movie.

When we all see the film it can be debated whether or not the film's tone is to dark but if the movie works I promise you that the GA and most fanboys/fangirls aren't going to give a flying **** about that convo.

Lastly Mr. Lindelof should never talk about something being changed too much when he is involved with the mofo jokey, loud, action version of Star Trek.

And no, I still don't care about butt hurt Trek fans feelings about the changes. I like original Trek and this new twisted version so they still need to get as much of a life as Lindelof.
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