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Default Re: The Official Ant-Man News and Speculation Thread

Screw Tony having a major part in the creation of Ultron. Or any part as far as I'm concerned. Hank is so far above Tony genius-wise. Doctorate in Physics! Tony is a machine, engineering guy or whatever. Hank does inter-dimensional particle transference! Developed a method to communicate with another species!
Involving Tony too much in Ultrons creation decreases the whole father/son, DR. Frankenstien/Frankenstien, Eodipus thing you get with Hank and Ultron. And what of the extended 'family'? You have to keep Hank as the patriarch of the 'Family' ; Son/Ultron, Grandson/Vision, Nephew-in-law by marriage of brain patterns and synthetic brain/Wonder Man, Great grandad of sorts/ the original Human Torch, Daughter-in law/Jocasta,.....that whole groovy bit!

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