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Default Re: Who owns the rights to the Kingpin?

Originally Posted by hawkeye330 View Post
Its complicated check out this link for the info it pretty much sums it up:
this story was already posted on another site about a year and half ago.

since then, Daredevil, Blade, and Ghost Rider are all back at Marvel/Disney.

so fox is down to X-Men and Fantastic Four, fox just hired Mark Milllar to oversee their "own" shared universe which will fail, fox will get nothing on the merchandise side of things, the last official toy they made for an "x" movie was through mini-mates for first class, which was a tru exclusive and doesnt really count has "mass" market. regardless of what hard core fan boys want to say, the x-men movies have been only "slightly" successful (none have gone over 300 million domestically or over 500 million worldwide. for comparison, the worst spiderman movie did 300+/700+) I think its only a matter before we start seeing some crossovers, because everybody wants to get paid and with no merchandising money to cover a an advertising campaign, fox will give up first, i mean really 150 mil dom bo may seem like a lot of money, but its nothing when the movies budget was over 100 mil. the x movies profits have shrank since 3, and with sony having no merchadise money, spiderman will follow suit, my predictions:

fantastic four (going up against avengers 2 and possibly justice league) marvel gets them back in 2016

xmen (wolverine will tank, xdofp will see xfc numbers at best, and if fox will not share characters and give the FANS what they want)

after 2 more flops fox will cave in 2015

if sony doesnt reach out to disney (like they did prior to avengers)
i see spiderman coming home after amazing 2.........but i dont think sony will be that stupid.

please keep insults and spell checking to yourselves

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