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Default Re: How could this version of Superman support BIZARRO?

I'll have fun with this.

I'd like a whole new imagining to the character. I'd like to see Clark explore more into the depths of the Fortress and collect pieces of his home world of the ships and death-ray technologies from Krypton that Zod would leave behind on Earth.

Instead of the original idea of having Luthor be the building block to creating the Bizarro character via cloning Superman, maybe Bizarro could be a product of Superman's experiments HIMSELF inside of the Fortress with some kind of duplicate ray or some kind of tool that he's trying to explore and dissect to become more familiar with (ala All-Star Superman) and it regenerates, somehow backfiring against him, cloning him backwards in the process using whatever Kryptonian technology it possesses.

Bizarro would then escape and vanish from the Fortress through abilities unknown.

The effects on Superman could be huge as he would struggle to locate Bizarro since he's designed to do everything backwards of how Kal thinks.

That could be a very neat and unique way to confuse Superman in the way he goes about trying to tame Bizarro while effectively being menaced mentally through Bizarro's backwards ways. Superman would then have to be FORCED to think how Bizarro would think, which could effect the cast around Superman and his peers, especially Clark Kent in his every day life and his co-workers within the Daily Planet.

This is where Luthor could come in. In a mindless terror through different parts of the world and vanishing without a single trace, Luthor, who had been obsessing over Superman for years, learns very quickly through pure evil genius that this creature is a dangerous and confused version of Superman that has NO IDEA the meaning of life nor can fully process what it sees.

Luthor teams with S.T.A.R L.A.B.S and discovers Bizarro while locking him down in LexCorp, finding a way to dissect every piece of backward Kryptonian genetics.

This could stretch out the story of the "Can we trust Superman" within' the public even further, led by Luthor himself.

The focus and twists could see the new and improved Bizarro from LexCorp be reprogrammed and traced back to find Supes genetically in Luthor's only chance to kill Superman off once and for all by killing him using Superman's mistaken creation, trying to prove to the military that they should have never trusted Supes to begin with and he's indeed an un-trusted alien afterall.

Givin' the time Luthor works tirelessly to reprogram Bizarro, we see an incredible chess match being played out where Superman is seen spending countless of hours in his Fortress where he eventually cracks the code within' the duplicate-ray within the cloning process.

Supes and Bizarro then battle for the final act and Superman disposes of him quickly knowing the true meaning of his creation.

The people of Metropolis applaud Superman's heroics by dismantling such a dangerous creature, proving once and for all his allience to the City of Tomorrow.

After tipping his hat to the people, Superman flies off and is seen hovering over LexCorp, scowling through the glass windows, looking directly through Luthor's soul.

Lex snaps and show his sadistic ways, cussing Superman out to be the true villain ala Lex Luthor: Man of Steel . The end will see a furious Luthor within' the windows of Lex-Corp staring right at Superman as he hovers over the Metropolis landscape. They stare into each other's eyes and Supes flies off into the distance.

Lex is seen reaching under his desk, pressing a button with a door slowly turning behind him revealing his battlesuit for the 3rd film, which would ultimately see his famous teamup and negotiations with the being from Colu, BRAINIAC himself for the finale.

That, would be pretty kickass with a Goyer/Nolan/Snyder effect to it. That's how I would do it.

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