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Default Re: The Tommy Merlyn Thread

Originally Posted by Verbal21 View Post
I've stayed away all season from here but I'm surprised people really like him. I always saw him as Harry Osborn and he was just as bipolar and emotional as any of the females on this show, and it being on WB, that says a lot. I could never stand how he was always down being the spoiled brat he was. He gets his trust fund cut, then Oliver hires him to run his club, then ends up getting hired for his dad and given a big position and still cries about Ollie not telling him he's the Arrow? He did nothing for me to ever relate to his character.

With that said, I have no doubts he'll come back sooner or later though and probably be a worthy opponent for Oliver.
He's dead. And the creators have confirmed he's 100% dead. No coming back later as the villain. So doubt your no doubts.

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