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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Of course only a few people didn't enjoy TDKR.
Alright I want to see some factual statistics. I've given up asking you for some form of proof that there was TDK 2.0 claims. You haven't got any. So lets try another one. Show me some factual proof that only a few disliked TDKR.

Then you can say "Of course only a few didn't enjoy it" as though you're stating a well known fact.

That few counts as fanboys that didn't want a retired Batman from the beginning, because for the most of it, people did enjoy TDKR. The general audience surely enjoyed the film greatly and that's why it's only a polarizing film from CB fans.
The general audience enjoyed Bay's Transformers, too. You're going to have to do better than using that as an excuse. Audiences enjoyed lots of flawed movies. Are you going to try and tell me that movies like Transformers doesn't have a lot of detractors, too?

And that few wanted a TDK 2.0
There's that hearsay again.

By the way, I will continue to say this even how much you'd like to disown my opinion, lol.
More fool you. Why you would want to stand by an opinion about other people and their verbal claims that you can't back up is beyond me.

No, that's the line you're spinning because you seem to enjoy twisting words around.
Correct me where I'm wrong then.

Yes I do believe it. And it doesn't really bother me if one poster doesn't agree, because there has been some already that HAS agreed
And even more have disagreed.

So we win then since you're all about popularity numbers rather then facts.

You trying to compare posters listing complaints of the film to Nolan having no heart in TDKR when the two do not go hand in hand. If Nolan dealt with concepts you do not enjoy does not mean Nolan had no heart when working with the film.
Oh my god, how can someone be so blind? Posters listing complaints is in reference to the ones who said they THINK his heart was not in the movie based on how flawed it was, and a step down from the previous movies. They are not saying it's a concrete fact. They are saying it as an opinion.

Why oh why do you struggle to understand such a simple concept?

And so have I. An opinionated, not factual way. But, read above reply.
No, you haven't. You have been saying people wanted a TDK 2.0. The only way you could know something like that is if they said so. So if they did lets see some examples.

Of course you can't, lol.
No, nobody can. Spider-Man 2 did not polarize fans and was never accused of being a half hearted attempt by Raimi.

I bet you hate the idea that both are two of only four CBMs to be acknowledged by AFI, huh?
Why would I hate that? The AFI acknowledges movies like The Hangover, too. Your problem is you can't defend this movie with a competent argument so you turn around and say "Nyah nyah nyah more people agree with me than you. The AFI liked it so there".

It's pathetic.

Or that the audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes is higher with TDKR, lol.
Here's another example. Trying to quote more numbers. The audience rating on RT for Transformers is only 3% less than TDKR and 1% less than Batman Begins. I guess that means it's almost as good as those two since the audience enjoyed it almost as much. Then there's The Avengers which has a higher audience and critic rating than TDKR so it must be better than it right?

Right? I mean that's all you believe in isn't it, Anno. Popularity numbers dictate quality. My gang is bigger than your gang schoolyard type mentality.

Did I state such that you said it was based on fact, no I did not. Only once again using sarcasm that you continue to call out some posters' believes on opinion and yet you continuously claim what I am trying to say is fact when that is just...well, wrong.
I have no idea what you just said there. You said "Ah finally you say that is an opinion as well" as though I have been denying it to this point.

Hey, I agree. As most of the posters who claim Nolan had no heart...they have nothing to back it up except for storylines and et cetera they just don't agree about.
Exactly. But at least they are basing their OPINIONS on the quality of his work instead of nothing at all.

Originally Posted by Kane52630 View Post
I feel like there should be a 3 way battle royale thread between the BB (me and kvz), TDK (Joker and Shape), and TDKR (Anno and shauner).
Flattered Kane. Though for team TDKR I suggest Batlobster. He is the most competent debater when it comes to that movie.

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