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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - - - - Part 13

Originally Posted by B View Post
So many variations of British accent, I mean their is Scouse which is horrific, their is Manc which is kinda mundane, Geordie which is (in my opinion), nicer on women than it is on men.. as well as many others. I don't even know how to class Cavill's accent. To some degree his is a universal English accent if that makes sense in the same way you get a universal Irish, Northern Irish, Scottish or Welsh accent.. I dunno if that makes sense.

Scottish, Welsh & Northern Irish could all technically be classed as British as well.
Hrmmm. I didn't realize that Cavill's accent was so hard to place. I assumed that because he was private school educated, his accent was classic RP/Southern English. It doesn't sound too different from old Etonians like Hugh Laurie to me. However, I'm Canadian and what little I know about such things comes from books and BBC.

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