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Default Re: The Tommy Merlyn Thread

I'm not sure if it was just me, let alone if it was intentional on the creators end, but Tommy came out looking like the better guy overall near the end of the season.

Sure, he had his anger/dark moments, but in a lot of ways, he was justified in feeling the way he was and he took the first willing step away from Laurel, thinking that she'd be happier with Oliver and when Oliver tells him so many times that Tommy should go and make amends with her, Oliver betrays him and sleeps with her instead, without feeling any guilt towards his friend.

Honestly, they're going to have to do one hell of a job in making Oliver out to be a better person than Tommy since Tommy as far as I saw, was the better guy in a lot of ways and seeing him die for someone as selfish and useless as Laurel (based on how she's been portrayed as of late), makes the impact of his death resonate even more.

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