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Default Re: How will Iron Man return in the Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by mkilban2 View Post
why does him not being in the suit during the AF1 scene make it lame? The entire time you're lead to believe Tony is in the suit, then he gets cocky and gets hit by the truck where you see it was an unmanned suit. That was like one of my favorite parts, probably the hardest I laughed in the whole movie, classic MCU Tony right there if you ask me.
yea i hope people realise that the headpiece device allows tony to control the armour as if he were actually wearing it.

i assume there are some limitations, but the way the AF1 scene played out made it seem like he had "full" control.

it wasn't jarvis controlling the mk 42. jarvis is only capable of so much by himself, as seen by the finale: the ai-controlled suits were no where near as efficient as what we have seen tony do in all the movies thus far.

if you count the number of explosions at the end, it seems like a great number of suits got destroyed by extremis guys off camera / in the background as tony was doing his thing. i chalked this up to jarvis only being somewhat effective when left to control a suit on his lonesome.

as for the head gear removing the need for tony to still be in the suit itself, i disagree.

it is likely that being outside the suit made tony crash into the truck. much like how we are more reckless when playing a driving sim than we are in real life. if he were in the mk 42, he would have preserved self preservation instincts to a much greater extent.

plus another factor is that being in the armour protects tony. when wearing a head set, he is totally exposed. also he is at risk of being snuck up on and neutralised/killed etc. simply put, they're called armours for a reason.

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