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Default Re: Best Superhero Trilogy

Yeah, I don't see how you can't go with TDK trilogy. Its easily the most consistent, even if you aren't much of a fan of the film. Every other superhero trilogy has atleast one entry that struggled with fans and critics. Even 'Rises', which a lot of boardies like to rag on, was better received critically than 'Begins' and has plenty of fans and plenty of people who think it tops TDK. I think a great trilogy is certainly when all three chapters are strong enough to be the favorite. There are plenty of people who like 'Begins' the best, plenty who like 'Rises' the best and the majority like TDK the best. Spiderman is mostly Spiderman 2 with a few for the original, same goes for the X-men series with X1 and X2 and Iron Man is mostly IM1 and IM3. The chances of getting Sm3, Im2, X3 as an answer for best of the series is so low its not even funny. TDK trilogy is consistent, simple as that.

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