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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 14

TDK and BB will always be tied for best Batman film, for me. I say this as films with Batman in them not films that adhere strictly to Batman gospel. For that we can jump to MotP (which I think is good but really a bit over lauded sometimes).

In terms of just being films and the accomplishments they've made they really are awe-inspiring for any filmmaker. Put aside Batman's fledgling credibility pre-BB, BB is still a great, amazing film. It took Batman and presented him a light many people hadn't seen before. Some will say it just adheres to the comics but I still think it's unique from the comics in a lot of ways. From the non-linear structuring of Bruce past, which could have been completely confusing if handled the wrong way, to the build up to establishing points of familiarity in the Batman lore, Batman Begins truly is one of Nolan's best works from all standpoints. Even his shortcomings are marginalized in his inability to shoot fight sequences with the quick choppy editing. Some didn't like it but it's great when a filmmaker can tie editing like that into the aesthetic of the film. That not seeing Batman fight was all about the intimidation he possessed during the film. Not to mention Ra's al Ghul, Gordon and Crane.

If I had to pick a singular moment from that film it would probably be the scene where Joe Chill is killed. It's a small moment I know but I always like the way it rolls in and out the story providing the catalyst for young Bruce and it also perfectly shapes up how Gotham truly is at the time. I only wish Rises would have pushed the similarity of Bruce to Joe Chill in Talia's eyes. Bruce and Talia both orphans looking to avenge their parent(s) death. Talia is a mirror image of Bruce in that moment and a reminder of what he could have become if he didn't have people like Rachel and Alfred to anchor him.

...and then there's TDK.

It's no surprise I love TDK, it's one of the fews movies I consider perfect despite it's flaws. Yes there are some choreography blemishes here and there (I'm looking at you Hong Kong) but the film seems to make an error then make up for that error in a grand way the next moment. I did like the new Gotham, I liked that it was average American big city. I liked the politics of things down to the mob. I liked the complexity of characters like Maroni, who is a bad guy but NOT bad like the Joker and not willing to be bad like the Joker. I like the team assembling to fight crime in Batman, Harvey and Gordon and I love the Joker.

I mean, when I first saw TDK Joker's first, post-prologue, scene with the mob was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO satisfying, I felt like people could have gotten up and left then and been totally happy. I saw TDK about 30 times in the theaters and only after three weeks of going did people stop clapping at the end of that scene. There was an electricity in the theater that opening night that is something I've never felt before and when the titles came up I and everyone else there felt as if we just embarked on some amazing journey. I'll never forget that feeling and for that Nolan will always have my respect.

The interrogation scene. I've seen it, you know what I'm talking about.


I had a lot of fun surrounding TDKR.

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