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Default Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

In all honesty, going around the internets lately - I see alot of 'hate' and disdain for 'The Dark Knight Rises'. In forums, user comments on news articles and YouTube, IMDB, etc.

Even in today's article on 'SHH' about the new 'Iron Man III' poster, the top rated comment was about how "terrible" 'The Dark Knight Rises' is and a few others that echoed that sentiment were also the second and third most top rated.

I've noticed this internet-crapping on the film since maybe...October-ish? But I never said much about it. But now I feel like getting a discussion about it going.

I know many, many films get internet hate or a slamming in forums that actually did amazingly well or very good with critics/audiences and are quite loved - is this the case with 'The Dark Knight Rises'?

I've even seen it on 'Worst or Most Disappointing Sequels' lists or 'Worst of 2012', too. Not to mention I've seen many claim that "The film failed, nobody liked it and it ruined the trilogy" or "It wasn't very well received at all...critics only gave it high marks to avoid death threats."

Am I the only one baffled at how a well received film can attain this reputation on the internet amongst fans and forum users? Are they trying to buck the consensus against the film and brand it as a 'hated'/'terrible' sequel?

I've seen many films get this online stigma despite getting good/great reviews from critics and most people - in the end it doesn't matter because the internet forum-users are equal to such a small, minuscule voice that what they say is the ramblings of a vocal minority that 99.9% of the population doesn't hear or value - but still.

What gives? Is this a vocal minority internet bandwagon-hate or is this 'The Dark Knight Rises's reputation now?

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