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Default Re: How will Iron Man return in the Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by mkilban2 View Post
why does him not being in the suit during the AF1 scene make it lame? The entire time you're lead to believe Tony is in the suit, then he gets cocky and gets hit by the truck where you see it was an unmanned suit. That was like one of my favorite parts, probably the hardest I laughed in the whole movie, classic MCU Tony right there if you ask me.

And to the other point, his personal Arc Reactor hasn't been powering the suits since IM1 right? I thought they were all powered by them, but just re-made ones for each suit, like Rhodey's in IM2/3. As the theme we've seen since Avengers to IM3 'does the suit make the man, or does the man make the suit' was what he's been dealing with and found that he doesnt need the suits, or the arc reactor in his chest to be Iron Man.
I really do hate that idea that this movie presented.

Of course Stark needs the suit to be capable of saving people. But at the end of the day, Stark is Iron Man. He had the initiative in the first film. He changed the direction of his corporation. He engineered every single one of his suits. He sacrificed himself at the end of The Avengers. They juxtapose him being an arrogant renegade with this idea of "does the suit make the man." Does that mean that in The Avengers, he is going to be the straight man. He's not going to be kind of a prick or crack jokes anymore? That is what they presented in this film.

Let's be serious now. It's not like Stark is always in his armor in these movies. In Iron Man 2, he was in the armor for what...23 minutes? The film was over 2 hours.


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