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Default Re: The Video Game Thread

SR the video game definitely had a.super-solid foundation. All they need to do is build upon that.

Tweek the super speed. In returns, running down the streets at high speeds didnt feel as cool as it should have.

Bigger better boss battles. The enemy types in Returns were lame. Only Mongul was fun to fight. Sometimes Metallo and Bizzarro were fun. The rest of the enemies were lame. Not to mention the final boss...

Give Supes more to do. Save people from muggings. Stop intergang from causing trouble. Stop a gang war. I dont know. Something more...

The flying was good in SR the game imo. It could of course be improved upon. But the multiple sonic booms, the violent wind resistance, hell the flying in the SR game has more in common with MOS depiction of flight than SR. Of course he should also be able to travel outside of Metropolis, how far is debatable, but this isnt Batman or Spiderman. This is Superman! He is needed all over the world. Lets see him travel a bit in the next game.

Supermans strength level made me cringe in the SR game. You should be able to lift heavier iteams!!! And please, please, please...fully destructive environments! More like the Hulk video game where super powered battles with multiple assailants routinely results in entire buildings being reduced to rubble.

Thats all I can think of right now, but there's plenty of room for improvement. But the Returns game wasnt all bad.

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