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Default Re: Man Of Steel Tie-In Comic *GIRL OF STEEL CONFIRMED*

Originally Posted by Megalith View Post
How can this be canon? Supergirl is a b-list character, and this would dumb down the significance of Clark, being the only El survivor.
no where does it say that Superman is the "Last El survivor", hell even in the comics they have dropped the whole "last of his whole race" thing since that would just plain be impossible by a race of beings that have the ability to travel through space.

Superman is still "The Last SON of Krypton", but not that absolute last Kryptonian and him having a little bit of family does not hurt him in the slightest, its gives him something to hold onto, he's suppose to be a beacon of hope, how can he be with some hope of his own and how better to convay that by saying "hey guess what, you still have an actual blood relative out there"

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