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Default Re: Man Of Steel Tie-In Comic *GIRL OF STEEL CONFIRMED*

Originally Posted by JosephCAW View Post
Supergirl has a strong fan base, probably stronger than Robin (want proof? Look at the reaction DC got when Kara was killed off and then look at when Jason Todd got killed off), the only reason people are iffy with her is thanks to the ****astic Helen Slater movie, same with John Henry Irons as STEEL, bad movie and all of a sudden the character is the plague (and most recent Hal Jordan).

If these characters are done properly then there is no issue, Nolan...he might not want to include Kara, but people are giving him way to much credit for this, Man Of Steel is Goyer and Snyder's baby, Nolan simply opened the door and helped finance the film, the rest is just out of respect due to what he was able to do with the Batman franchise.
I think Supergirl is a great character.

You're right, I can see Nolan being less involved after this movie and Goyer being more involved and really thinking about other DC superheroes and how they all tie together.

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