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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR? - Part 1

Originally Posted by C. Lee View Post
The people who constantly write about it may be in love with it...but that doesn't mean that everyone loves it. really need to go back and read your previous posts...not just in this thread, but all over the Hype. You defend TDKR like a mother defending her babies, taking any negative comment about the movie as a personal attack....and yet you have no problem going elsewhere and tearing other movies down and being more harsh to the likers of those films than anything said about yours (just saw where you said LOTR was garbage filmmaking for simpletons or some such nicety).
I never said that. Ever. I said the filmmaking was simpleton. Please quote me right. I never said anything about the audience. It's not a well composed , directed , acted , written , edited movie...where has that anything to do with the audience ?

And i also dont keep writing about stuff i disliked. I usually give my opinion and....that's that. I always respect the people who love discussing thoses movie , whether i enjoyed or not. I've made fun about some movies in this boards (avengers , this new iron man for instance)....could you give me ONE post i made about them in their sub-boards? Because you won't find them. Hell , check how many posts i have about the hobbit in its topic.

As for the personal attacks , i would love if you could give me some examples about least so i can change my behavior. I write a lot about this movie , because its one of the few movies people talk constantly about in this boards that i enjoy. That's normal right ?

EDIT: I actually went and count. After the movie was released i posted.....1 comment about the hobbit (a small one criticizing it ). One. Can you imagine some users who bash regularly tdkr , do the same ?

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