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Default Re: Rumor: Bale may be back as Batman in JL - Part 1

Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
WB want to draw in crowds, some build up is needed to JL even if they don't want to copy the Marvel formula.

Bringing back Bale as Batman and Cavill as Superman would provide great publicity to JL, as for later sequels that can recast Batman, if Bale wants to quit.
You're thinking short term. You have to think long term. In the long run using a rebooted Batman for JL will be far more beneficial to WB from a financial point of view.

Let's face it: If they're smart, WB is not going to build a massive movie universe just to discard it in a few years after JL. Much like Marvel, they will most likely continue their universe James Bond style with an endless of possibilities for stories (AKA endless of possibilities for movies which = endless of possibilities for money) as opposed to just rebooting the whole thing within a decade.

Say you bring Bale's Batman back for JL. Yes, the movie makes tons of money. But what do you do after that? You've essentially trapped Batman in JL territory with no solo films whatsoever. JL is not going to be the only DC film that WB will make money off. Every other character - Superman, Flash, WW, and the rest - will continue to get solo films as time passes while Batman will be used exclusively for JL because 1) You can't bring Batman back in Gotham for a solo movie after TDKR and 2) Solo films with John Blake as Batman will never be anywhere as successful as solo films with Bruce Wayne because he lacks both the full iconic image of Batman and the full story potential of Batman (lack of classic villains, big stories involving Bruce, etc.)

Now why would WB not want more solo movies of their biggest cash cow? They obviously would and they wouldn't be able to get that if they bring Nolan's Batman back, or at least not the full amount of green cheese that you can get from a Batman film.

And let's face it. Batman is much larger than Nolan and Bale. It's not like the JL film will have this huge drop at the box office if they use a new Batman as opposed to what they could've made with Nolan's Batman, especially if the new Batman is the prep time mastermind from the comics (prep time Batman would be a huge win with the general audience). The movie will be a big hit either way. Heck, if they get a Batman reboot out before JL happens, we might not even see a drop at all if the reboot is just a good as TDKT and the audience loves it. But assuming that there will be that small drop - which is in the worst case scenario of what can happen - why would you think that small difference is worth throwing away all the money and potential that you would get from future JL films and future solo films with Batman? It isn't. And once you establish that new Batman to the GA, no future JL sequels and solo films will have the "This isn't the same Batman" stigma, if that stigma would even be there in the first place. Once you pass that point, the new Batman will be just as successful as the Nolan one or even more assuming that he is acted + written well. All that is why in the long run, rebooting Batman will be far more beneficial to WB.

Not to mention that WB will not want to ruin their relationship with Nolan. He makes tons of big bucks for them with each movie. Messing with his wishes to keep the TDK trilogy as stand-alone is not a smart move in that regard.

Rebooting Batman for JL makes a lot more sense no matter what way you look at it. This is what people like Great Minds don't understand.

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