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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Does it mean I love Spider-Man 3 even when I criticize the film in long wall-like text, Tequilla?

I'll say this...the talk continues about TDKR on here and the dislike and displeasure is greatly from certain fanboys and that's fine. I'm one of the fanboys that LOVES the film, just like the majority of the general audience. Not every film will garner the praise of the both sides. Hell, there are some fanboys on these forums that even disliked The Dark Knight even if some don't want to admit it.
Amen to that. Before TDKR dropped, all the 'cool kids' were slagging TDK left and right. Praising BB over TDK was very in vogue, but the overall environment here was becoming increasingly hostile to the pro-Nolan crowd long before TDKR dropped. I think some of us saw the TDKR backlash coming a mile away to be honest. Though I could have never predicted who would have ended up loving the movie vs. who didn't. That part was wildly unpredictable for me.

First it was the generally underwhelmed reaction to the teaser. Then trailer 2 got a very good first reaction, but people quickly became bored of it and craved more. Then it was back to bashing Catwoman's costume and Hathaway. Hardy's size. Other things were being heavily questioned- rumors of the LOS returning, Batman most likely being retired for 8 years etc. Then months of "Y no marketing?" The only thing that really had the fans in uproar prior to TDK being released was Ledger's casting and no permawhite. But most of that went to rest after the first trailer dropped. It was just a different energy surrounding TDKR. It was still very exciting, and there were definitely plenty of fans pumped by everything they saw. But I was already sensing this disconnect where I felt everyone was hoping for a different movie.

That's why I guess always felt this one was going to be bit more divisive with the fanbase. Bold, controversial decisions just come with the territory when you're putting an end on the story of Batman- an enduring legend in pop culture. Luckily, for folks like us, all those risks paid off big time.

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