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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - - - - Part 13

Yeah Cavill is a great representative of all the positive sterotypical qualities of English people

He makes us look good... very good

Originally Posted by Nemeres View Post
I wouldn't kill to be British, but I'd kill to live in Britain. Like when I'm old, to live in one of those little villages in the country with my 25-year-old mistress... heaven. I'm a huge anglophile myself. I loved London when I visited it back in 2000.
Originally Posted by Anita18 View Post
I loved York, disliked London. Our high school tour bus was pelted with oranges by some hooligans. Plus I thought it was like New York City, except foggier. And the food was expensive, so I ate tea sandwiches all week and lost 5 lbs. (I'm already skinny, those were 5 lbs I didn't have to lose!)

But the smaller cities and villages just have so much character and culture in them, it's really interesting to see how people live there. I thought the same thing when we went to France and Italy.
What would you say are some of the interesting differences you've seen in the UK?

I'm just so curious how you guys see us from the outside!

And yeah, I come from small country towns and i've both loved and hated them for various reasons at different points in my life.

I'm much happier in Bristol at this stage It's such a great city, so much character. Always lots creative and interesting things going on.

Just accept that this is the direction they have taken.
Then, you can either decide this version isn't for you and stop watching. OR you can decide to enjoy it for what it is - an elseworlds tale.

'In Elseworlds, super-heroes are taken from their usual settings and put into strange times and places - some that have existed, and others that can't, couldn't or shouldn't exist. The result is stories that make characters who are as familiar as yesterday seem as fresh as tomorrow.'
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