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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - - - - Part 13

Originally Posted by Nemeres View Post
- Law-abiding.
... Yeah, really not when it comes to drugs, i'll tell you that for sure.

Even my bosses at work (for a reputable company in an office environment) have told me about their drug antics and had a good old laugh about it.

Some of what you said is probably fair, but I think most of it is just what it was like in that area at that time. It's certainly not my experience of this country!

Cept the drunk guy... that sounds about right

I agree about the blend of classic and modern though. I think the old buildings in cities all over the country are one of the best things about it. I love looking up at awesome, unique stuff like that, and it really shapes a cities character.

That's why I found Cardiff a bit dull when I was living there I think. There isn't much of that around.

I think back to my father. As a farmer, he had a natural understanding for the Earth. I remember him telling me this world is capable of providing for all its creatures. Even now, with so many more people, there exists enough food for everyone.

"The problem," Pa used to say, "is people. As far back as we go, we've always had problems with sharing. Seems everyone's too busy holding on to what they've got to care how their neighbors are doing."


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