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Default Re: Where should the Maximoffs appear first?

Originally Posted by Aztec View Post
What would you guys think of QS and SW's mutations coming from Terrigen Mists? This could be an excellent way of creating "mutants" in the MCU (without X-Men available of course) and it could tie in to a Phase III Inhumans movie. Perhaps they could be the children of a powerful Inhumans villain?

This certainly fits Whedon's explanation of them as "not the type who would like the Avengers"; and fits prior rumors that Marvel want to use the Inhumans as the MCU "mutants". This makes perfect sense to me.

This move would be a brilliant FU to both Fox and WB. Fox by making the X-Men and mutanthood covered in the MCU, and WB by having a "speedster" hero on the big screen before Flash (which is insane when you think about this isn't even a competition at this point, lol).
***IRON MAN 3 SPOILERS*** I'd prefer it if they were simply born with the empty slot in the brain that Killian discusses filled in. They'd be people born with an unusual ability due to simply being a little different. Essentially, they'd still be mutants, but by giving them a slightly different explanation than the X-gene it's lawyer friendly.

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