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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR? - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Exactly. If we didn't care about this movie franchise we wouldn't be so passionate about it. I mean lets face it, Shikamaru, would you be here so regularly expressing and discussing your problems with TDKR if you didn't care for BB and TDK much?

I know I wouldn't.
Exactly. Take a look at Iron Man 3 for example. I still haven't been able to make time to see it (the wait is killing me btw) but I'm already aware of what they did to the Mandarin and it is far worse than what they did with Bane. Words can't even express the huge difference. However, I'm not in the Iron Man threads constantly discussing and arguing over this because I'm not a big Iron Man to begin with like I am with Batman and the last Iron Man movie already had a lot of problems.

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