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Default Re: The SUPERIOR Spider-Man - Part 1

Originally Posted by runawayboulder View Post
It's not forever, might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

See, this isn't like the 90's where they're copying a model of storytelling off of someone else. Dan Slott is writing a wild, fun and epic story here. Not once has anyone hinted this is set in stone (like they did with the Clone Saga).

The only criticism I have is how long can this era go on before becoming stale. The train teased a stop in the last few issues but now with the recent solicitations it's obvious they are going full steam ahead and are going to explore every avenue available:

SpOCK vs Kaine
SpOCK vs Flash/Venom
SpOCK vs Hobgoblin
SpOCK reforming the Sinister Six as their leader......aaaaaaaaand

The eventual SpOCK vs Norman confrontation which will probably be saved as the best for last.

I'm looking forward to all of it. With Slott at the helm, it won't be some mindless fighting match-ups......the match-ups are just the hook. There's gonna be some kick ass story behind these confrontations, count on it.

I want to see a one shot of SpOCK vs Hammerhead.

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