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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - - - - Part 13

Originally Posted by WarriorDreamer View Post
Yeah, we have pubs literally everywhere in England. Like literally within every mile there is a pub somewhere. I hear pubs don't exist in America. Is this true? I dont drink and I often think I'm much better suited to the US if they dont drink as much!!
We have pubs here, although I guess the term is interchangeable with "bar." They're still very much used as afterparty locales, and some go "bar-hopping" just to check out the scene. It's usually not an everyday thing, though, usually it's a weekend thing you do with your friends.

Bars/pubs usually close at 2am here, and you know when they do, because the 24-hr diners start filling up with former patrons.

"Gastropub" is the newfangled term, where a pub has great food along with a nice selection of beers. In my experience, pubs usually just have beer, although a VERY wide selection of beers! Bars are more about the mixed drinks, although you can have sketchy "dive bars" as well as fancy cocktail bars and the like. A "pub" is where I imagine friends would meet up, vs a bar which is more for picking up chicks or meeting new people.

Binge drinking is still a thing on college campuses, but drinking on the job is looked down upon nowadays. Even 20 years ago, you could have a martini at lunch and it was fairly normal. I don't drink at all (I hate the taste of alcohol, and I'm a cheapskate), and even at events where there's beer, you can always find or ask for water. But drinking is definitely not a monoculture at all. You can definitely still have fun if you don't drink.

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