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Default Re: "Phasers on stun" - The Kirk thread

Originally Posted by ShadowBoxer View Post
I heard he still gets his butt handed to him AGAIN in fights lol. First movie he got beat by the guys at the bar, Spock, and Nero. I am like he really needs to get some fight skills and start kicking some butt!
He's a starship captain, a leader, explorer, and diplomat - it's not like he is some special forces operator. When it goes come down to combat, Kirk's strength is his resolve and tactical ingenuity. He "cheats" death, he is not Batman. He defeats the Gorn by constructing a crude firearm. He defeats Khan in Star Trek II through guile and improvisation (hacking the Reliant's computers and thinking three dimensionally). If I recall correctly, when he went hand to hand with Khan in Space Seed, he had his ass handed to him and only defeats Khan by secretly pulling a piece of machinery off the wall and bashing Khan over the head with it.

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