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Default Re: How many more movies would you like with >Original Cast<?

Originally Posted by ALP View Post
There is a reason why we haven't gotten a Deadpool film but now have 2 Wolverine movies.
There are two reasons.

First reason is that Fox and Brian Singer have showed barely any interest about using character leads besides Prof X, Magento and Wolverine. And they run the show. Tons of X-Men can hold an audience, much more so then Prof X and Magneto. If they can make a movie about them and get money they can get money from other X-Men being focused on.

2nd and most important reason for Deadpool's case is the script is a hard R. The producers,writers, director and Reynolds ( all who are still attached) are not budging from that. The studio is catuious of an R movie in the X-Men world, that has been stated by just about everyone associated with that film. Notice how even on the advertising of Marvel's Lego video game Deadpool is front and center with strictly A listers and the only other X-Men is Wolverine? Deadpool appeals to people younger then 17 quiet a bit. Fox doesn't want to take a risk on losing their money.

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