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Default Re: Where should the Maximoffs appear first?

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
To this day I still do not understand the issues with Hawkeye's cameo in Thor. If it were some no-name actor, there wouldn't be any issues with it. They'd just go "Oh cool it's Clint Barton!" like some of the other agents we've gotten (i.e. Jasper Sitwell) .... but because it was Jeremy Renner, suddenly it's forced. It was a Thor movie, it wasn't advertised as Thor and Hawkeye, hence only getting a nice taste of his look and his attitude.

Ironically some of those same people also complained about there being too much SHIELD involvement (i.e. Black Widow) in Iron Man 2.
It's funny that Marvel is known for its Shared Universe and yet when they share that universe in the movies they get crap for it...!

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