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Default Re: How many more movies would you like with >Original Cast<?

Agreed 100%. The X-Men need to learn how to expand their Universe and build to bigger things. Not just Drop one or two more films were characters are either gonna get no development or get the chop. The X-Men have to keep up in this day and age.

There are just too many well known characters here. No one is ever gonna see a proper Gambit, Archangel, Psylocke or Polaris developed if they just stick to a one movie formula. Like the case with Nightcrawler, Gambit, Emma and Havok they would show up then disappear in a following film to make room for others probably never to be seen again. Those 4 characters deserved so much more.

Everything from Singers comments to Millar being hired hints at multiple films for their future so I think we are good as long as these next two don't flop. The main X films will always be there regardless.

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