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Default Re: How many more movies would you like with >Original Cast<?


And just as another point:

A x-men spinoff can easily look like something totally new and different to general audience. Even the tittle doesnt need the name "X-Men". The more different it looks from the trilogy or FC, the better, this way general people "wont get tired" of more of the same, because it wont be the same.

AND.... here is my point, try to get a great cast... lets say... just as an example:

Michael Cane
Charlize Theron
Joshep Gordon Lewit
Liam Hemsworth
and a few more familiar faces

AND a great/talented director.

And then, someone on here tell me this possible spin-off wont be a success.

What? will someone say Fox cant get a great cast like this for a x-men spinoff? no? ok, there you have it then.

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