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Default Re: The early sale tickets at Wal-mart

Got to my local Walmart at about 7:50 this morning (a guy's gotta shower), and I was fretting that I got there too late and there would be a long line of people looking to buy tickets. I was directed by Customer Service to go to the Photo Center at the back of the store. I get there, and was surprised that only about 5 people were in line. I was quite relieved since they were selling tickets to a 2D and a 3D screening, and unless those 5 people were scalpers buying a couple hundred tickets each to sell online, I was undoubtedly getting a ticket. But I was also a little worried that there weren't more people. Is public interest in the movie that low? Or did the marketing execs just not promote the Walmart tickets well enough? Well, either way, I got a ticket for the 3D showing, and I won't have to stay up until an ungodly hour that night and risk missing a day of work to see the movie.

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