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Default Re: The early sale tickets at Wal-mart

Originally Posted by Dark Sentinel View Post
Three words:



same here!!

Originally Posted by presidentsaad View Post
Bahaha the Walmart sales people know nothing about this.
That's pretty much the truth! I had some friends of mine that still work there from when I worked there ask me what I was all excited about and I told them that I was buying tickets for Man of Steel. They asked me where I was getting them from and I told them here at Wal-Mart and they were all like...REALLY??!?! They had no clue Only the ones involved with the sales of the tickets knew anything

Originally Posted by Dispatch Ninja View Post
Figures. You would think the 20 signs and posters all over the store would of tipped them off. would have thought the HUGE PDQ would have been a huge hint but alas it was not

Originally Posted by Dark Sentinel View Post

You're joking.

Please tell me you're joking...

Come on, NOBODY can be THAT dense, can they?
yes, they can...

Originally Posted by presidentsaad View Post
We had about 10..but at least I got mine.

BTW on the back of your ticket does it have the number of your ticket next to 150? For example mine says #133 - 150. Is 150 also mean that there are 150 seats in the theater?
Originally Posted by HankTheTurtle View Post
150 seems to be on all of them. I think it's probably an arbitrary number. I have #7 and #10. Don't know why they skipped #8.
the numbers on the back of the ticket show what number your ticket is out of 150. Each store got 150 2D and 150 3D. I wanted ticket #1 of 150 since I was first in line but I didn't get it...slightly disappointed by that but oh well

Originally Posted by ElDuderino View Post
Mine didn't have a cake, but the cashier was waring a cape. The guy behind me in line was probably in his late 40s, and what I would consider a "super fan" who appeared to be a high-functioning autistic. He was super excited and talking about all the Superman gear/paraphernalia he owns. But when we got to pay, he thought they were being handed out and didn't have any cash. As soon as I got my tickets, I ran to catch up with him as he was leaving and gave him a $20 to go get him some tickets. I couldn't stand the thought of a Superman fan leaving so disappointed. I think it made his day.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
I didn't have cake, cupcakes or store STILL didn't have jack **** on the large PDQ. It's pitiful! And bravo for buying that guy some tickets... good show

Originally Posted by SuperJediHero View Post
People working at Wal-Mart are not the smartest people on this planet, they will ignore signs, and whatever they just aren't interested in, for sure. Even if it's right in front of their face.


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