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Default Re: The early sale tickets at Wal-mart

I swung by my location at 730 and was the first in line. Upon asking the two cashiers of the tix sale, I was met with clueless expressions. One would think the 20ish TV's pumping the trailer and promos, along with the memorabilia would have been a tip off. I had them contact the store manager and he got the ball rolling, though he weren't called to the register till 8:15. All four clerks had to rock an S cape, to their dismay There was only four of us in line, though one gent had an impressive collection of superhero tats (batman and supes symbols, joker, and watchmen were visible). I wish this had been handled/promoted better as I was looking forward to speaking with fellow fans. I'm sure premier night will be rocking, though. Respect to the guy who spotted the man money for tix. That ideal of helping your fellow man is what connects us all to the Clark Kent/ Kal-El character.

btw- the promo mentioned a free book though the clerks couldn't find any. Did anyone else get offered one?

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