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Default Re: The early sale tickets at Wal-mart

Originally Posted by GreenKToo View Post
Well they can turn their noses up at wal mart if they want, but just about everyone shops there at one point or another.
I look at it like this, only the die hard superman fans will be there on the 13th ( by that I mean the ones who were lucky enough to buy these tickets ) There wont by the ''regular'' people of walmart shoppers there at our viewing.
I know I wouldnt have gotten up so early on a saturday just to go to wal-mart if not for these tickets. All the people in line with me were just as big of superman fans as I. we talked about hoping MoS does well at the B.O. so more films will be made.

As for the screening on the 13th, It should be like how the midnite showing of TDK was, loads of fun with fellow fans with no worries of being looked at funny when you shout or clap at scenes on the screen.
I cannot wait. I CANNOT WAIT.

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