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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
I disagree with that. TDKR's ending completely goes against the essence of Batman. In fact, the whole message of the movie overall - that anyone can be Batman, that Batman is a legacy, and that Bruce can retire the way he did - all of that is the exact opposite of what Batman's essence is all about.

Also, one of my biggest gripes with TDKR was how cut-and-paste the story felt because the comics they chose to base TDKR on didn't mesh that well together in the execution.

Joker also brought up a great point. No one has been a slave to the comics so far. In fact, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are more faithful than some of the MCU movies were.
Indeed. BB was a loose adaptation of Year One. TDK was a loose adaptation of The Man Who Laughs, The Killing Joke and, most of all, The Long Halloween. TDKR is a VERY loose adaptation of Knightfall and No Man's Land.

Which again makes claims that TDKR is a major departure from the comics a head scratcher for me.

What you seem to be upset by is, again, that Nolan ENDED his story. You have never seen Batman retire because comics never end. By their nature they are a cyclical status quo that can always be renewed. Conversely, Nolan's films had to end one day and he chose to be the one to do it. Add in that he wants to ground his Batman somewhat in a false reality (note the words "loosely" and "false"), he had to acknowledge such a lifestyle would have negative effects on a human's body and psyche.

I actually like TDKR all the more for its uniqueness. The movie where Bruce Wayne must give up his pain and mental anguish to move on and the one where Batman ends.

That to me is why fans really dislike the movie.

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