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Talked with someone who had seen Man of Steel, confirmed by someone who's dad is an executive at Wal-Mart who didn't get to see this said private screening.
Take with a grain of salt, but I believe they were legit.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
They absolutely LOVED this movie, best movie they had seen in years, Amazing, better action than the Avengers, emotional, breathtaking. Imagine a Synder visuals with a great script/screenplay/great pacing. They said they were shaking at points because of the intensity/cried like a baby at two points in this movie/tears of joy at other points. Michael Shannon steals the show. Cavill is awesome as Superman/Clark. Amy Adams is the best Lois yet! Faora kicks Serious *** in this movie and is insane! Movie does indeed begin on Krypton and we see the live birth of Kal-el. When Lara is by herself and watching the end of Krypton the music is haunting and its super sad. Zod does infact kill Jor-el, WB is IN LOVE with This movie, more so than TDK, so confident. Standing Ovation, People they talked too after screening were IN LOVE with this movie, said if the American people/critics don't like this movie they will lose all faith in peoples ability to judge movies. 4/4 (Person said for starters the person gives 3 examples of CBM as of late(TDKR 2.5/4, Avengers 3.5/4, Iron Man 3 2.5/4). Said MOS blows them out of the water and its not even CLOSE!


"20 years in many good guys are left? (Jim, Robin dead?) How many stayed that way? (Two-Face)..He has the power to wipe out the entire human race..And we have to destroy him." ~ Bruce Wayne/Batman

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