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Originally Posted by Notrip View Post
Talked with someone who had seen Man of Steel, confirmed by someone who's dad is an executive at Wal-Mart who didn't get to see this said private screening.
Take with a grain of salt, but I believe they were legit.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
They absolutely LOVED this movie, best movie they had seen in years, Amazing, better action than the Avengers, emotional, breathtaking. Imagine a Synder visuals with a great script/screenplay/great pacing. They said they were shaking at points because of the intensity/cried like a baby at two points in this movie/tears of joy at other points. Michael Shannon steals the show. Cavill is awesome as Superman/Clark. Amy Adams is the best Lois yet! Faora kicks Serious *** in this movie and is insane! Movie does indeed begin on Krypton and we see the live birth of Kal-el. When Lara is by herself and watching the end of Krypton the music is haunting and its super sad. Zod does infact kill Jor-el, WB is IN LOVE with This movie, more so than TDK, so confident. Standing Ovation, People they talked too after screening were IN LOVE with this movie, said if the American people/critics don't like this movie they will lose all faith in peoples ability to judge movies. 4/4 (Person said for starters the person gives 3 examples of CBM as of late(TDKR 2.5/4, Avengers 3.5/4, Iron Man 3 2.5/4). Said MOS blows them out of the water and its not even CLOSE!
I'm legitimately laughing right now. This is comical in its hyperbole. This reads like a 14 year old hungry Superman fanboys wet dream. I expect more tact from an 'executive'. Of course, there is a chance that his take is actually a lot more cool but is what is written is heavily filtered to be hyperbolic.

Alan Moore on comics:

They've lost a lot of their original innocence, and they can't get that back. And, they're stuck, it seems, in this kind of depressive ghetto of grimness and psychosis. I'm not too proud of being the author of that regrettable trend.
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