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Also, listened to some sports radio this morning and they were trying to cast Phil Jackson for a movie and someone called in and said Michael Shannon. The guy was like "oh, yeah he would be awesome, and the girl was like "oh I love Michael Shannon, he is so great at acting." the guy said, "He is in the new Superman Movie, Man of Steel" the girl went on to say well, there have been like 6 or 7 superman movies. Its time to stop. The guy convinced her HOW awesome Man of Steel looked, and they watched the trailer 3 during commercial and she said "NOW that is Superman, you convinced me and that trailer just sold me, I will go see it, my 10 yr old son will love this!"

Score one for MOS!!

Ben Affleck - Batman/Bruce Wayne
Henry Cavill - Superman/Clark Kent
Matt Damon/Bryan Cranston - Lex Luthor
Amy Adams - Lois Lane
? - Jim Gordon
Hugh Laurie - Alfred

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