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Default Re: Hot Toys Dark Knight Stuff

Here it is, guys! The Hot Toys Batmobile! It is GIGANTIC. I tried taking a photo farther away so you can see just how HUGE this thing it.

The Batman in the photos is by Takara. I got him about 6 years ago or so. It is not Hot Toys, but it's very good quality for the price I paid for him... even then. He is a lot thinner than the actual Batman Begins Batman... but I kinda like him that way. I always thought that the way he was portrayed in Begins was a bit "beefy".

I have quite a few Hot Toys:
DX Joker 2.0
Banker Robber Joker
Cop Joker
"Happy" Bank Robber (custom)
Two Face
Commissioner Gordon in SWAT Gear

Raindog... I hear you on the Catwoman. They've pushed her back a time or two... but I think it will be for the best. I have her on pre-order.

Excelsior... I don't have any Avengers Hot Toys.... YET! But i DO have Diamond Select Avengers Figures. They're 7" scale figures and they are quite awesome. I love my Dark Knight Mattel Movie Masters Collection. But I have to say, the Diamond Select Avengers figures blow those out of the water. So far I have:
Captain America (1940's suit)
Chiatauri (from the New York Invasion)

Pretty sure Tony and Loki are the last ones I need. They haven't released Fury, Black Widow, Coulson or anyone else. Hopefully they will someday.

Are you a Hot Toys collector yourself?

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