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Default Re: Merchandise and toys

There are new keychains coming soon. For Iron Man, Loki and Avengers. The Arc Reactor looks pretty cool. Although I doubt it has a light function. Might be just looking like that on the photo.... They are all $5,99. Release date: June 2013

Avengers. I think I either take this one or the Arc Reactor ^_^

Loki's helmet. Not sure if this is a long lasting thing, since the horns could easily break. But attached to a bag or rucksack, this would be safer I guess.

Folks, when I read this I had to giggle... There is actually going to be a JANE FOSTER ACTION FIGURE! We didn't get a Frost Giant action figure for the first movie, nor a Captain America figure with the updated costume from Avengers, but beholdeth...

Jane Foster! Her accessoires will be her book of scientific researches, an iPhone and the Hubble telescope. Kidding ... But the news about the figure is true!

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