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Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
I am glad to see something different. That's what Smallville is all about anyway. I enjoyed the new chapter but I'm annoyed they cut Imra's hair to make her like the original version. I've never been a fan of short-haired Saturn Girl just like I'm not a fan of short-haired Catwoman, too.
To me it varies from female I like a long haired Irma but a short haired Selina

I understand since Geoff introduced the characters Bryan Q Miller would go for more of the post Geoff John's "Superman and the Legion of Superheroes/Final Crisis: Legion of three worlds" books but still I wish he mixed and match various Legion universes(example: have Mark Said/ Legion of Superheroes animated series African American Thom Kallor/Star Boy/Starman with Geoff John's Starman's personality, an Invisible Kid who is a mix of Lyle Norg and Jacques Foccart, etc but let's see what happens next I guess).

As for Kara if/when she comes back to the present let's see what happens and if she'll change her costume.

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