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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Even in TDK Bruce seemed a bit off...trying to spit out the word submarine where Fox had to help him with. Those "poor choice of words" of Joker letting Rachel go. Running straight into Joker when he should've been smarter to not even let Joker get in his head that quick in the game, letting Joker go when he should've focused on Joker ever since the ending of BB when Gordon brought him up(seriously, Bruce should've thought it was a pretty big deal when Gordon brought it up in their "first meeting").

The best part of TDK, the final battle, is when Batman actually seemed to really be this intelligent beast in how he handled the SWAT, the hostages and Joker's goons all at once.

But, building the sonar device doesn't make him wise. He was simply paranoid it seemed to built such an unethical machine.
lol, I heard from another site that Bruce was actually going to say "Sonar, like a....bat" but then Lucius cuts him off.

Anyways, I felt Bruce's wits were definitely at there best in BB and TDK. But there has to be a back and forth with the protagonist and the antagonist; otherwise you just don't have a compelling movie.

TDKR, was a little strange though. There are these really slick moments with Bruce's quick wits, like when he quickly deduces the finger print dust Selina left, how he quickly goes into the bat-cave and not only gets a rundown on Selina but totally has her figured out with what her next move will be with the pearls. Then you have him not only track her down at the ball, but he pretty much spits back her criminal profile verbatim to her.

But yeah, it seemed to me like in the first two films, Bruce tried to play dumb when around Lucius a lot of the time, even though he knows very well that Fox knows he's Batman. Like when Fox comes to Bruce about his suspicions of Lau in illegal dealings. Bruce is very nonchalant in telling him "OK, cancel the deal", then Fox realizes Bruce already knew.

I guess you could say there was a regression in TDKR with Bruce's cleverness, but he seemed just fine when he finally got out of the pit, lol.

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