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Default Re: The early sale tickets at Wal-mart

Originally Posted by lespaul59 View Post
I was the first person at the Wal Mart I went to. Whats funny was I was starting to get upset because I was running behind 20 minutes because I wanter to get to WM at 7AM and got there at 7:20AM. Then I get to the electronic expecting to see a line and I'm first. I had thought man it would be awesome to be the first person there but that isn't gonna happen. I got tickets #1 and 2. I didn't get any extras but I got my tickets so I'm cool. When in finaly did get in line to get tickets with two other people the guy behind the counter was nice and explain the ticket prices, that the tickets could be replaced if lost and that it was only goo for the one showing. I have no complaints on the ticket buying. In fact I wasn't worried thet I might not get a ticket but I was worried that some how WM was gonna screw up some how. I also expected to see the MOS display fully stocked but nope nothing new. Whats makes it worse was a few people where opening boxes when I got there and it turns out they where just using the display to sit cell phone and/or computer acessories on while they stocked them.

I tell you some of this merchandising has been downright HORRIBLE!!!

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