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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

Where have i been? God, these finals caused me to miss the return of spectacular. Dude, you are one of the people who helped push me to decide to become an inventor, i hope you know that. You, Wadaltmon, WhiteWidow, and more. I am so sory about your daughter and hope that you are okay. I know that many people would feel that you shouldn't be investing your time in this while your having a rough time, but they don't understand that pouring our hearts and souls into our creations is exactly what makes us feel better. So get out all of your feelings man, and I'll be done with finals by Friday, so I'll finally be able to work on the shooter among other things. Today something finally hit me: I have done almost nothing fun this school year. I haven't even read one book for pleasure, when I usually read about 250 (not an exaggeration). Academics, which I usually love, have been sucking up my life. Along with that, i have several medical conditions that have been hard to deal with. I have vitiligo. I have ridiculous food allergies. I have severe scoliosis, which bends my spine at a terrible angle. I'm trying several treatment plans to avoid the life-ruining surgery, all of which are terribly painful, along with the fact that its painful as is. Due to the scoliosis, I have become terribly weak, fatiguing easily and having little strength. My doctor says its a miracle that I've never been depressed, just angry. So I turn that anger into passion, using it to fuel my goals, and letting my rage give me power rather than letting it rule me. So now this summer I'm going to have fun. I'm going to work on my inventions, learn how to drive, start taking Kendo, and finish my java class. Here we go guys!!! Let's all be a team and pull through together!!!

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