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Default Re: The early sale tickets at Wal-mart

Originally Posted by Anjow1060 View Post
I have a Q that may have been answered already so bare with me;

Are the tickets only for 2D and 3D 2:35 scope showing?

I bought the 3D ones for my local theater that has an IMAX room but I have no idea if the showing at 7 will be IMAX.

I was told by the Wal-mart people it will, but the lack of signage on the passes and the fact that it only cost me $12.50 a ticket has me worried.

I would rather see 2D over general 3D. 3D Imax is the only time I make the exception.

- Jow
Nobody knows and/or it depends on the local theater. Like I posted yesterday, I tried asking my local theater if that was the case but they had no idea they were even participating in the premiere despite their name being on the tickets...

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