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Default Re: The Official Ant-Man News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Eh. What if that movie does take place in the 80s, like it was once rumored? Pym creates Ultron, his body get's destroyed, but his ai lives on. And his ai is still alive, and a small part of avengers 2. Pym maybe somehow has a role in avengers 2. Through out avengers 2, pym seems to have an emotional struggle with what's going on, seeing this ai. As ultron's ai becomes more dominant. I'm willing to bet somehow his ai has something to do with the "villains". then maybe after credits, we see Ultron building himself a body finally. Then in ant-man, we see Ultron's creation...and then we get like an age of ultron type thing, thanos returns.

There IS plenty of ways they can do their relationship with Ultron being introduced first. Just because Ultron is introduced first, doesn't mean pym created him
Because that's that's like putting the ending to the trilogy at the beginning, then going back and explaining how the whole thing started in the second movie. Doing that takes away the impact of the ending because you have no context. The reason Ultron works so well as a story is that you see what leads to him and how it connects to Pym. That makes the payoff great. If you rearrange that, it doesn't work as well.

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