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Default Re: Daredevil reboot in the near future?

Originally Posted by venom892 View Post
I feel Kingpin should be the Emperor in the first film, mentioned but not seen. There are rumors that one man controls all the crime in NY, but has lieutenants in different areas. The lieutenant could be The Owl with a henchmen like Gladiator.Save Kingpin and Bullseye for future films.
I think Owl works better as a rival to Kingpin, then trying to make him a lieutenant of Kingpin. Owl is really just not that interesting on his own and I think its easier to do things with him if he is contrasted with Kingpin, Kingpin is the calm, cool, in control crime boss, who relies on subtle manipulation while Owl has a nasty temper, spills blood at the drop of a hat and maintains control through brute force. Kingpin is more dangerous in the long term, but Owl is more dangerous in the short term, which traps DD in the middle if there is a war between these two.

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