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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
Well that is inherent and goes without saying considering it's coming out of my mouth (or keyboard as it were). I'm speaking for me obviously, but seeing as a lot of people share the same opinion, it's a valid complaint.
It's an unfounded complaint because you haven't even watched the show. You don't know how the storyline is going to go.

I'm pretty sure you yourself posted about Loeb saying he doesn't want continuous stories and believes one-shots are what work in cartoons earlier in this thread. Either way, it's well documented and has been brought up numerous times, I'm not about to scour google for the exact quote to prove a point to you.
That's not what he said. And once again you failed to produce actual proof or your point where you are twisting his words around.

Even Ultimate Spider-Man has recurring storylines and issues that carry over from one season to the next and one episode to the next. The first part of this season established the various members of the Sinister Six and culminated in the group coming together to go after Spider-Man as well as an ongoing story with The Lizard. So this idea that Ultimate Spider-Man has no serialized storylines that fans try to apply to the series is both false and wrong.

No I'm not. I said it appears that way, that is not in any way condemning it. You being so sensitive about it is far more telling.
Know the fact that you are comparing the humor to both shows based off one line is telling. Despite Falcon's line being more in line with a lot of the humor and one-liners that were frequently exhibited throughout shows like Spectacular Spider-Man and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

In fact, Wasp as a hero in Earth's Mightiest Heroes was constantly played as the comedy relief and spouting one-liners in whatever situation they are in.

And there was never a freaking cell phone joke or "modern" teenage internet humor in TSSM or EMH.
In Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Spider-Man is so in awe of Captain America's words he's like, "Can I be your sidekick?"

After Captain America is thawed, many jokes were made out of Cap adjusting to modern society. He didn't get the technology Stark was using, he said something about a projectionist doing with the display. Thor made a joke about JARVIS talking. That was in line with Cap's character.

In this version Falcon is a new, younger hero and he's excited to be in the Avengers. So it's humor that comes out of his character.

In Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Wasp enjoys being a hero and is excited about it and most of her lines are like 75% jokes.

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